Tackling demyelinating peripheral neuropathies

OUR history

Our technology is a real breakthrough innovation in the field of peripheral nerves diseases. It came from the seminal idea to use viral vectors to modify Schwann cells in vivo, an innovation carried out within Nicolas Tricaud’s research group starting in 2002. Although the laboratory did not discover new vectors, it has optimized the use of different viral vectors for the transduction of nerve cells. This characterization has evolved to reach the state of the art with the use of AAV, which transduces target Schwann cells extremely efficiently with unparalleled specificity.

Thanks to the help of  SATT AxLR,  Business International Center of Montpellier, Region Occitanie, INSERM and Daniel Cohen -Former CEO of Pharnext-, Nicolas Tricaud and Cathy Beaumard created Nervosave Therapeutics in November 2021 with the goal to bring innovative therapies for peripheral nerves in clinical stage.

NVO-101, the main product we develop, is at the forefront of gene therapy combining an AAV vector expressing a small inhibitory RNA and an intraneural injection route. It is the result of 5 years of investment in fundamental and translational research and an European Research Council award obtained by Nicolas Tricaud in 2012.