Laboratory Director

Emilie has extensive experience in managing preclinical research projects in the field of Neuroscience. She has worked on several diseases of the nervous system in both basic and applied research.

She first obtained her PhD in Neuroscience at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in 2012. Her work focused on addictive disorders and, by coupling biochemical analyses and behavioral studies, she was able to demonstrate long-term drug-induced changes in the brain. She then went to Imperial College London to train herself in proteomics and electrophysiology in order to study the neurobiology of alcoholism. Back in France, at the Institute of Functional Genomics, her work on a rare disease, neurofibromatosis Type 1, has revealed a therapeutic target to alleviate learning disabilities in adult mice with this disease. To carry out her work, she obtained several funding grants including the FondaMental-Servier 2017 grant and a grant awarded by the Neurofibromatosis Northeast association. She then wanted to use her skills to carry out applied research projects, which is why she decided to join Amylgen, a company providing services in pre-clinical research in Neuroscience as a project manager. This experience, very enriching, allowed her to learn the specificities of applied research. In order to have a overall view of the drug development process, Emilie has also taken additional training in clinical trial management. Thus, her skills acquired during her multiple professional experiences in R&D and her ability to work in a team are now put to good use in her work as Laboratory Director at Nervosave Therapeutics.